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Are you exhausted from working around the clock? Do you struggle with building your brand?

If you answered “yes”, it’s time you met Tailored Copywriting.

For tech startup founders who are overwhelmed with tasks and struggle to build brand presence, Tailored Copywriting is the freelance content writing service that takes a load off their shoulders and makes their brand a niche authority.

Stay with me for the next 8 minutes and let me explain how I can help you (or contact me by clicking here).

Building a startup is a demanding task.

You need to come up with an idea, validate it, develop it and market it.

It sounds easy on paper, but only you know about the sleepless nights and the countless expenses.

Then comes the stress of having to find and train the right team members.

Soon the 84-hour workweek takes its toll on your health and social life.

At the same time, your business and bank account suffer, because you can’t cater to all their needs.

Your brand name is nowhere to be seen, people don’t even know about your company’s existence and you slide down the spiral of desperation.

So what do you do? You throw in even more exhausting hours and money down the drain.

What if you could free up your schedule, build brand presence, save money, and not have to manage an in-house writing team?

It might sound like a dream tale, but it is not.

The solution to all these problems is to outsource your content writing tasks to me.

Do you have alternatives?

Of course, you do have alternatives.

You could hire an in-house team, however, keeping more employees in your office means that:

❌ You will have to overview the hiring process which will take a considerable chunk of your already limited time.

❌ You will have to pay for training.

❌ You will have to pay for extra salaries and benefits. The average annual salary for a content writer is close to $70 000.

❌ You’ll pay for an 8-hour workday but, as we know, employees are not active for 8 straight hours. So you’ll end up paying for a full workday but getting much less work in return.

❌ You will have to manage more employees.

❌ There will be more accounting burden, filling more forms and dealing with more bureaucracy.

You could hire an agency. However, agencies:

❌ Have slow onboarding process which may take anything from several weeks to several months.

❌ Need to cover many expenses like salaries, bonuses, rent, and agency-level SAAS subscriptions. So, their prices are high. And if they are not, it will come at the expense of quality.

❌ Deal with many clients, so their approach to your business will be less personal. This will result in poor understanding of your business needs.

Another option is the DIY approach. You can do all the work yourself…

❌ … and add several more hours to your business day doing keyword research, writing drafts and the actual content, editing, proofreading and revising. And this is only after you have spent countless hours learning about content writing best practices.

❌ Also, keep in mind that the hours that you’ll spend creating your own content are hours that you cannot spend on other business tasks that require your personal attention.

On the other hand, outsourcing content writing to me will:

✅ Save you the trouble of hiring staff so you’ll save yourself the time, money and stress of finding talent for your team.

✅ Get you a trained professional content writer so your mind will rest at ease, knowing that the content that you’ll receive will be tailored to your needs.

✅ Save you from paying salaries and bonuses so you have more money for resource-intensive tasks like research and development.

✅ Get you as much work as you paid for and nothing less so you only pay for actual work and not for wasted office hours.

✅ Save you from managing more employees so you don’t spend more time and money on a task that should be outsourced.

What do I know about building a business?

You are probably asking yourself what makes me a better fit for this job?

Well, you are good at your business because you’ve put the time, effort and money to be the best at what you do. You’ve spent countless hours researching market fit and your ideal customer.

So have I.

I know about the sleepless nights wondering whether I’m on the right track.

I know about the days and nights looking for every bit of information that might help me in establishing my business and making it work. Visiting forums and social media groups, talking to people, taking notes and making sense of them.

Doing everything to make sure that my business won’t be a part of the statistic of failing businesses.

But, that’s not all.

My preparation for doing the right business began long before I actually set up my company.

I hold a B. A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and Masters in Creative Communication.

On top of that, I hold certificates in Marketing Research and Digital Marketing.

And it all took time and strenuous effort.

If you think you can pull that off while building a business – go ahead. But I’m telling you, you’ll have a much easier mind if you outsource your content writing to me.

It sounds like much trouble…but it’s not.

Outsourcing content writing might sound like a troublesome task, but it is actually not.

Using my services is easier than 90% of the business-related duties that you have to do on a regular basis.

Yes, I did make up this number, but hear me out.

One of the best parts, among many, about outsourcing to a freelancer, is how convenient it is to do it.

We can arrange our working terms in as little as 3 steps.

We talk about your needs, we sign mutually satisfactory terms, then I get to work.

And because we live in different time zones, I’ll work while you sleep.

As of payment, it will be as convenient because we will agree on the most reasonable option.

Is this a miracle solution?

Now, let’s talk about reasonable expectations.

Building a brand presence is not an overnight miracle.

It takes persistent long-term effort.

If you think that I’ll write a single blog post and you’ll become the next hot thing then we need to part our ways right now.

In fact, content writing is not about sales.

It is the fundamental part of becoming an authority through content marketing.

During our Q&A session, we will discuss your business needs and come up with the best content strategy.

If somebody promises you a certain time frame for achieving specific results (like ranking for a keyword) then they are lying. Becoming an authority through useful content is a constant process, not a one-time miracle.

If you do, however, find the patience to wait for results, your business life will turn to a much easier and more pleasurable existence.

By implementing a proper content strategy, fulfilled by a professional content writer [hint: me], your brand will grow and you’ll have more free time.

You’ll finally go out to grab a drink with your friends without feeling like you are slacking.

You’ll have more time to do high-stakes tasks that only you can do best – like attracting investors and forming partnerships.

On top of that, you’ll feel less stressed knowing that you have fewer staff members to manage, fewer salaries to pay and less paperwork to fill out.

But, that’s not all.

Imagine the feeling of becoming the face of a business authority in your niche. People will turn to your business as a trustworthy source of advice.

Why should you choose me?

Speaking of advice, what makes me worth listening to?

Well, here are my credentials:

✅ B. A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from a Liberal Arts college (I also hold a B. A. in Political Science and International Relations, but I digress).

✅ Masters in Creative Communication.

✅ Certificate in Marketing Research.

✅ Certificate in Digital Marketing from Google’s Digital Garage.

What’s in it for you?

Enough about me. What’s in it for you?

By outsourcing your content writing to me you will:

✅ Become an industry leader

✅ Save time, so you can bring back your social life.

✅ Standout from the competition, so you can be a leader in the competitive tech startup industry.

✅ Be proud that you are not only bringing people a great product but also useful content that makes their lives easier, so they see you as a true problem solver and not as a mere salesman.

✅ Scale your business, so you make the most out of your sales efforts.

Hear it from others.

So far you’ve only heard from me. Here’s what some of my clients think about my work:

Vanessa Leota, an owner of a VA agency, says:

“Tailored Copywriting wrote a blog post for my business and they did a fantastic job! There was constant communication and updates on progress and questions at the beginning to make the most of the copy to be written and how it can be linked to existing resources. Highly recommended!”


Ingrid-Perez Gonzalez, an owner of a business consultancy, says:

“I had an excellent experience with Tailored Copywriting. I was happy with the constant communication, updates, attention to detail, and on-time delivery. I would recommend them for all creative writing needs.”


Jae Sygns, an owner of an entertainment management company, says:

“Krasimir’s advice was very thoughtful. The fact he took time out to look over my site and critique the cop was well appreciated. I took everything he said and it improved not only my writing but the hits to my site as well. Thanks!”


Klemen Stibilj, an owner of a video creation company, says:

“Krasimir delivered a supreme blog post on financial industry. His quotes are high, but they are justified. He provided great communication, sticked to my article guidelines and went an extra mile with an additional length. After he saw post online, he added additional comments on how to improve sub-headlines. Highly recommended!”


Stephen Vogel, a book author, says:

“I had a chance to work with Tailored Copywriting and I’m very satisfied with the results. The turnaround time of the copy I requested was very fast and professional. I have been offered a lot of space for feedback. Will consider to work with Krasimir again!”

Let’s do this.

Now, let’s talk business.

Here is what you are getting with my offer:

✅ A Q&A session during which we will discuss your business needs and develop a content strategy. We will agree on the frequency, format, and length of the posts.

✅ After several days I will get back to you with an editorial calendar including suggested keywords to target.

✅ You will receive a draft proposal for each blog post

✅ Then you’ll receive the actual SEO optimized and appropriately formatted blog post.

✅ You’ll also get progress updates before, during, and after delivery of each piece of content.

✅ After delivery, I can do some non-major editing which, however, does not mean rewriting.

But, that’s not all.

You are also getting the following bonuses FOR FREE:

✅ Social media optimized post titles and descriptions.

✅ A monthly Q&A session so we can discuss our progress.

What if you want to quit?

Are you still on the fence wondering if this deal is worth it?

It is. Because if you are unhappy with my services you can cancel them at any time.

Just drop me an email, and we will discuss the issue or part our ways.

Isn’t it nice knowing that you can end your commitment at any time?

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By all means, you can skip my offer.

However, by doing so you are still going to:

❌ Not have time to yourself.

❌ Struggle to build brand presence.

❌ Waste money on paid ads with low ROI.

❌ Not have time to do all business-related tasks.

However, by working with me you will:

✅ Save time.

✅ Build brand presence.

✅ Save from poor ad ROI.

✅ Become a niche authority.

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