Types of Content

Blog posts

With so much information online it is hard to stay competitive without being useful to your potential, present, and future customers. Nowadays they are more empowered than ever, so their decisions are based on careful research rather than on impulse. Therefore, it is vital to be present at every point of the purchase cycle – from the initial consideration phase to the post-purchase experience. By keeping a blog with consistent and useful content, you are telling people: “My brand can serve your needs.”


Newsletters help your brand to stay consistently in front of your audience. The best part is that newsletters are a form of content that your target audience receives after its explicit permission. This means that newsletters will reach the right type of people, i. e. the ones that are interested in what you have to offer.

Press releases

Press releases are a great way to earn a quick, viral and cost-efficient publicity for a new company or a fresh product release. However simple it might sound to write them, press releases are tricky pieces of content as they need to grab the attention of journalists who receive tons of content on a daily basis.

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